Control up to 99% inventory accuracy when scanning barcodes.


Save 60% time on loading, unloading and tallying.


Paperless warehouse, automation and integration on a single platform.

Smartlog Warehouse Management System

Comprehensive warehouse management solution for shippers / 3PL

SWM (Smartlog Warehouse Management System) applies an intelligent algorithm to optimize the operation process of the warehouse & distribution center to help monitor, operate more easily, and minimize errors.

SWM warehouse management solution is an ideal choice for logistics companies, the system has been and is being used for FMCG, F&B, pharmaceutical, chemicals, electronics, Garment,…

Giải pháp quản lý kho hàng SWM - Smartlog

Paperless Warehouse

Replace error-prone and ineffective manual operation!

Features of SWM Solution

Helping businesses to manage their warehouse more easily, intelligently and efficiently

» Receving

» Tally

» Put Away

» Inventory

» Loading

» Sorting

» Replenishment

» Picking

» Consolidating

» Checking

» Cross Docking

» RF/Mobile

» Moving


» Line flow

» Vendors Manage

» Dock Scheduling

» BI

» TMS, ERP Intergarated

» Visual reporting

» Automatic invoice

Put away & Allocate

Set up tactics to arrange goods by region, characteristics of goods, size, speed of goods movement, speed of inventory rotation, …

Precisely designating each location for putting away and automatically allocating goods. Optimizing the location and route for users.

Peripheral device matching, recording user actions in real time.

Set up the strategy of getting goods according to FIFO, shelf-life, date of manufacture, expiration date, Batch, Lot, BOM, Kit …

Set up a strategy for picking orders, groups, regions, and wave picking.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Operational efficiency analysis and operational integration reporting.

Directly and online monitoring of warehouse operating efficiency

Report output, import, inventory and other status of orders

Export to Excel, PDF and printer according to common standards

Control the amount of increase or decrease in stock, capacity and warnings about: capacity, warnings about excess inventory, too high or too low, about expired or expired items, …

Customize automatic alerts on demand: Import, export wrong SKU, Order at wrong location, Actual receipt is different from plan,…

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Real-time inventory monitoring

Ability to monitor inventory, and customize according to customer needs (shelf-life, A-Z, product lifecycle, 3D surveillance …)

Minimize inventory costs: operating costs, shipping costs of inventory, and increase efficiency of picking and packaging operations.

Users access the inventory list on the website anywhere and at any time on a computer with an Internet connection.

The feature allows adding and adjusting reports according to customer needs with excel files for each end-user function.

End-user is decentralized according to each level of management, customized reports, excel data export forms according to each customer’s needs, each warehouse according to each end-user.

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Manage with Mobile/Tablet Apps

Designed in accordance with the business operations of the business, the operating model.

Displaying inventory right on the order, SWM warehouse management app helps you know if the item meets the requirements of the order.The quantity of goods will be automatically adjusted to increase and decrease corresponding to each time. stock entry, sales or inventory. Supports all real-time operation steps, SMM flexibly processes orders with a wide range of features: Scan barcodes by camera, search information by voice, Bluetooth connection with receipt printer, …

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SWM is suitable  for all sectors

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