The most innovative logistics solution in Vietnam

Effective logistics management with reasonable investment and fast ability.

Join the leading modern logistics network in Vietnam


Operational optimization

Meeting demands of comprehensive monitoring operations, optimal processes with modern technology.


Coordination and operation processes are combined effectively and quickly with intelligent algorithms


All data is saved in a system, which would evaluate correctly the business status of an enterprise.

Comprehensive integration

Smartlog system is developed based on e-cloud platform so as to integrate with other software easily.

Professional force

Experts have been successful in large optimal logistics projects for many enterprises.

For Vietnamese businesses

Logistics solutions are built in accordance with most of operating models of Vietnamese enterprises with reasonable investment costs.

Smartlog Transport management (STM)

STM principle is based on e-cloud technology, artificial intelligence, automatic memorization and operation effectively. real-time update and meet users’ requirements.

Smartlog warehouse mannagement (SWM)

SWM apply intelligent algorithms to optimize warehouse operation process. Thereby improving the quality of goods supply services and improving productivity.

Smartlog Transport Exchange (STX)

STX apply 4.0 technology platform to attract prestigious and reliable shippers and vendors. Transport transaction information is transparent and realtime updated.

Enhancing competitiveness when participating in Smartlog ecosystem


Logistics companies and large-scale owners in Vietnam are using Smartlog ecosystem.


Trucks, container tractor trailers are activate on STM transport management system.


m² warehouse area, distribution center are operating on SWM warehouse management system.


Including logistics service providers (3PL) and large vendor in Vietnam Gemadept Logistics, Tân Cảng ICD Sóng Thần, Tân Cảng ICD Long Bình, Giao hàng nhanh, Hateco, Kerry, Interlog, TBS Logistics, Raiza Express, Vietnam Post, Transimex, An Bình, Panpacific, Tra-SAS, Vinafco, Sotrans, FSI,…


Smartlog ecosystem is chosen by: Sabeco, Brenntag, Manuchar, KTG, GN, TTC Trading, Nuti Food, Idocean, TH True Milk, Fixmart, Q Mart, DECATHLON, P&G, Hoa quả Bình Thuận, Hyundai Thành Công, Vietmedical,… 

The only Vietnamese Logtech Awarded Sao Khuê 2019

The only Vietnamese Logtech Awarded Sao Khuê 2019

On April 21 st 2019, the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) announced the Solutions / Product of Sao Khue Award 2019 - the most prestigious and prestigious title of the software and IT services industry in Vietnam for trusted and appreciated by the...