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“I recognize Smartlog as a young and enthusiastic team, at any point in the development phase, I always see a willingness to support from you that have never been seen in any development team. Others. You will accompany the warehouse team from 4-5 am until the end of the working day throughout the deployment process. “

“We set the goal of modernizing the operation of vehicle operations, minimizing paperwork, manual operations and operating data to be updated promptly and continuously for you to manage things. onions. Smartlog’s STM solution stands out not only because of its intuitive and easy-to-understand function, but Smartlog’s friends are also knowledgeable about the business, speaking the same “language” with us in business processes “.

“Smartlog solutions help improve fleet operating efficiency by 20-30%, shorten transportation planning time by up to 80% and provide 100% visibility for delivery information. managers.”


“Smartlog is a strategic partner in providing IT solutions for TRA-SAS logistics operations, 100% integration with our SAP management system and customers who request it.”

“Smartlog’s STM transport management solution helps drivers reduce 80% of their paperwork, rest assured to focus on driving, 100% of the costs for the fleet are updated accurately and promptly.”


“The most important thing was that we were able to retrieve the entire history of import and export, no longer dependent on any individuals. We were able to expand the distribution network easier.”

ICD Tân Cảng Sóng Thần

“The items put into operation and operation were really effective and allowed ICD Song Than to actively implement the goal of popularizing the warehouse management software in accordance with the unit conditions. This goal is only possible with the product and service provider support such as Smartlog “

“Smartlog’s SWM warehouse management solution is professional, able to meet many specific operational requirements of Unidepot. Smartlog’s deployment team is very enthusiastic and has good customer support.”