Transport Management System (STM)

Saving 15 – 30 % transportation cost


Smartlog understand the difficulties of Vietnamese transport enterprises, as a result, the STM transport management solution was developed to meet the specific needs of the domestic transport industry.


Smartlog Transport Management System (STM) is a product developed by Smartlog to meet the needs of information technology application in accordance with the characteristics of transport businesses in Vietnam.

STM helps to supervise and manage transport operations, reduce errors.



System automatically recommends truck planning.


 Route & truck capacity optimization.

Real time Track & Trace

Constant update of truck status & shipping order status.

Real time alerts

System automatically triggers alerts in the circumstance of violation or occurrence.

Delivery authentication

Authentication by OTP upon delivery. POD can be uploaded and sent by App.

Auto billing

System automatically generates billing and P&L with different methods.

Diversified devices of use

System can be accessed by different devices: PC, tablet, smartphone.

KPI monitoring

Real time KPIs update to monitor delivery performance.

Smart solution

Transport management system is based on e-cloud technology and artificial intelligence application. Play an important role in shipment management, route optimization and freight payment.

Using cloud computing technology helps user not only reduce investment costs, but also add and upgrade features.

The system easily integrates with ERP systems, warehouse management systems to update information among systems easily.

Outstanding benefits

  • Transport management system from beginning to end (from order to bill).
  • Automate and optimize transport planning with intelligent algorithms.
  • Update real-time information according to GPS signals of vehicles and mobile devices.
  • Support for calculating transportation costs meets hundreds of complex calculation plans.
  • Meet many complex situations in container management (container switching, trip combination).

Supervision feature

  • Real-time supervision of order status, vehicle location. Driver updates costs incurred by mobile app.
  • Record the extra cost from where the vehicle starts to the first destination to calculate fuel.
  • Record the actual time of arrival / departure time for each delivery via mobile app.
  • Record actual weight delivered to customers via mobile app.

Mobile app for driver

  • Fleet management with flexibility (anywhere, any time)

  • Quick decision making through real-time alerts in mobile App

  • Visualized dashboard with charts of orders, trips, arising cost, etc

Wrong route detection

  • Minimize risk from pilferage enroute the road.

  • Control and prevent crossborder sales violation

  • Automatically trigger alerts once truck deviates from planned route


  • P&L by trip/order

  • Cost by trip/order

  • Billing by customer/vendor

  • Billing per trip/month

Which business system is suitable for STM?


  • Suggest coordination plan to reach the lowest shipping cost

  • Suggest combination of other operation services to optimize transport vehicle

  • Supervise drivers and orders via

  • Mobile App device

  • Manage the equipment and fleet in flexible and accurate approaches

  • Offer reports on business status, statements, comparing with internal / customer promptly

  • Exploit the transport capacity of the fleet and turning the vehicle


  • Suggesting the coordination plan why shipping costs are the lowest.
  • Provide an evaluation table of effectiveness and cost for each other transport partner.
  • Monitoring the delivery of orders for home and partner vehicle fleets on real time.
  • Giving reports on business activities, statements, comparison with internal or customers and partners quickly and promptly.
  • Increase revenue through the operation of rotating vehicles


  • Supervise orders’s status of delivery and unexpected risks.

  • Management of transportation costs.

  • Integrate with internal devices to figure out database of business performance evaluations

  • Evaluate efficiency and cost for transport vendors to offer business cooperation decisions

  • Create direct orders, minimize manipulations of creating orders and notifications as before




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