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Comprehensive transport management solution for shippers / 3PLs / shippers

Helping businesses manage transportation easier, smarter, and more optimal!Smartlog Transport Management System or STM transport management solution is a product developed by Smartlog to meet the needs of information technology application suitable to the characteristics of transport enterprises in Vietnam.STM transport management solutions help monitor and manage transport operations, make it easier for operators, and minimize errors.Comprehensive transport management solution on cloud computing technology with extremely low cost. With a mission to bring the best transport management platform: Automated, flexible, optimal and easy to collaborate.


Helping businesses manage transportation easier, smarter, and more optimal!

Auto Planing

The coordinator updates the transport coordination plan to the STM system, the algorithm automatically suggests the optimal transport plan in just 5 – 15 minutes.

From the warehouse to the store and more…

Cargo movement is an important link in that supply chain and more and more businesses are relying on a transport management system to help them manage this task.Systematize all your transport operations on a single platform!Automate business processes such as planning, reporting KPI …Integrate existing operations of the business itself and partner systems.Optimization of resources through automated processes, performed on the basis of data and integrity.Transparency, strictly supervise goods, ensure quality of goods during transportation.

Transport optimization

Fleet operating capacity and delivery time are optimized with the shortest travel distance.STM helps businesses automate transportation planning, optimize fleet performance and shortest distance delivery times with intelligent algorithms (artificial intelligence, machine learning).STM is also capable of integrating with other systems such as ERP / WMS. Orders will be automatically transferred from ERP / WMS to STM, reducing the time of operation, and avoiding errors when manually updating orders.

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Control Tower of transportation

Real-time display and control of all transport activities.Transport monitoring is one of the salient features of the STM system. This feature solves difficulties in shipping monitoring to ensure that deliveries are carried out safely, to the place of delivery on time in undamaged condition.Thereby, the operator can check all information about the goods at any time, update the time, manage costs, solve arising problems.

The ability to handle arises

In transport activities, there will be countless problems that have not been foreseen by administrators. Then, an optimal system will demonstrate competence through its ability to handle exceptions quickly. Through STM, the coordinator is able to communicate with the driver to update the location, delivery status.The dispatcher will automatically notify when the driver deviates from the predetermined route, stops at a strange place. When encountering problems (broken car, station fees, COD …), the driver is authorized to update the cost and take photos of attached evidence thereby reducing the risk of delivery delay. In the event that these risks cannot be avoided, the system will also automatically notify when there is any possible delay in comparison to the planned.

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Fleet management and drivers

As an integrated system, STM offers comprehensive features covering the entire transport operation. In order for businesses to operate on an integrated, synchronous and easy-to-manage system, STM manages costs from operating activities: gasoline, fuel, repair, maintenance to driver management: salary, Timekeeping…With mobile applications (Mobile Apps), stakeholders have the ability to monitor the transport process anytime, anywhere. The transport coordinator monitors the status of orders (picked up, waiting for goods, waiting time …), captures the expected time of arrival and departure to quickly improvise for the entire fleet. Drivers update in real time the order status, complete deliveries with photo as evidence (ePOD), reduce the risk of errors, forget documents, save time for reporting tickets through the station, the try on the road.

Performance management (transport KPIs)

Synthesize, real-time statistics on data of orders / deliveries per day, rate of successful / delayed / canceled orders. Help managers come up with effective business strategies and improve processes daily, weekly, monthly, …Visualization as charts and tables, colors.Report data is updated in real-time from daily operations, users can easily view and access detailed report data.

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Flexible customization

Integrate and customize the system to suit each type of business operation, each requirement of each business.Logistics in general or transportation in particular has the participation of many parties. From manufacturers, distributors, retail businesses or companies providing logistics services. Each type of business has different functions in the supply chain.In Vietnam, there are many obstacles and constraints that disrupt transport activities such as limited infrastructure, traffic jams, regulations on maximum vehicle load, time to go to the city, … .For each business, there are different system requirements: Priority for prepaid orders, selection of the lowest cost contractor, delivery during the opening / closing time of each delivery point … None any system is “one size fits all”. Understanding that, Smartlog with SaaS model provides solutions tailored to the requirements of each business with flexible customization capabilities.

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