The only Vietnamese Logtech Awarded Sao Khuê 2019

The only Vietnamese Logtech Awarded Sao Khuê 2019
On April 21 st 2019, the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) announced the Solutions / Product of Sao Khue Award 2019 – the most prestigious and prestigious title of the software and IT services industry in Vietnam for trusted and appreciated by the Vietnamese business community and IT market. The IT products and services awarded Sao Khue always have high quality, outstanding efficiency, dominate the competition in the market, contributing to promoting Vietnam’s IT applications with many great achievements.
2019 will also be the first year Vietnam will host the Asia-Pacific Information and Communication Technology Award (APICTA Award). The Sao Khue Program this year will have important innovations in assessing and voting for Connect and raise the international level for Sao Khue award that complies with the evaluation process of APICTA Awards – Awards Reputation is considered an Oscar in IT.
Mr. Truong Gia Binh – Chairman of VINASA, Head of the Program Organizing Committee
“In the context of the 4th industrial revolution, digital transformation plays a very important role, it can be said as vital: “With agencies, organizations and businesses in the previous period, Sao Khue trophy did well the role of selecting, introducing, connecting typical and excellent solutions to users, promoting IT applications in Vietnam. Now, Sao Khue will “burden” a new mission as a pioneer in promoting digital transformation. The change in organization, assessment, expansion of items, changes in organization and implementation methods … especially the expansion of Startup, technology and communication with international prestigious awards APICTA credit will help Vietnam become a higher and higher position on the world technology map”.
Smartlog Supply Chain Solutions (Smartlog Vietnam) is the only Vietnamese Logtech company awarded Sao Khuê 2019 with STM (Smartlog Transport Management). This is a management solution that helps to digitalize end-to-end transport management process: order management, transport planning, monitoring, KPI/reporting, Freight Audit, Fleet management. Artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to automate transport planning, monitoring, and notifying during the transport process.

STM solutions bring many benefits to companies in transport management

  1. Optimize the number of vehicles and travel distance (about 10-25% compared to the traditional method), thereby contributing to saving fuel and reducing the environmental impact of trucks
  2. Reduce manual recording operations, shorten 30% – 50% of the time waiting for documents and information in the process of carrying out transport operations.
  3. Bring visibility and reliability in a real-time manner to help to make a decision faster and more accurate.

Compare to similar TMS solutions, STM has some advantages such as

  1. Meeting diverse requirements in transport management: managing truck fleets, container trucks, motorbikes, multi-modal transportation management…
  2. Using cloud computing technology to reduce investment costs for customers, easily adding and upgrading features
  3. Equipped with intelligent algorithms to optimize the transport planning process, reduce the number of vehicles and the total number of kilometers traveled by the fleet.
  4. The system is easily integrated with ERP systems, warehouse management systems (WMS) to update information between systems easily.
  5. The solution is the foundation for the company to develop the “Uber for truck” to solve the “empty truck return” problem in the transport industry.
STM solution is currently applied in more than 100 enterprises, of which, some featured clients such as Sabeco, Thanh Thanh Cong Group, Vietnam Post, Manuchar, Brenntag, Hyundai Thanh Cong, Gemadept Logistics, Vinafco, Transimex, TBS Logistics…
About Smartlog Vietnam: is the Vietnamese pioneering start-up develop information technology solutions for logistics operation. With a team of experts in the supply chain industry, logistics and, we are gradually changing the way of logistics operation in the direction of the industrial revolution. 4.0, from which customers can improve service quality and improve internal operational efficiency. Smartlog Vietnam accompanies enterprises to build a logistics network to become an ecosystem that businesses can share, optimize resources as well as improve competitiveness.
The only Vietnamese Logtech Awarded Sao Khuê 2019

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