Viet Nam lead fruit house choose smartlog Storage Management Solutions

Binh Thuan Vegetable and Fruit Company, a leading fruit importer and exporter in Vietnam with a scale of more than 1,000 cont/year, has chosen Smartlog as a partner to provide warehouse management solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fruit industry, being one of the first companies exporting dragon fruits in Vietnam, Binh Thuan Vegetable and Fruit Company has a nationwide distribution network with more than 10 warehouses. The complexity of managing over 1,000 product codes and wide distribution networks; requires the support of a strong and reliable warehouse management system. The fruit industry has special characteristics that only people in the industry can understand.

Smartlog is proud to be chosen by Binh Thuan Vegetable and Fruit Company as a partner to provide WMS solutions. Smartlog aims to help customers:

  • control the correct import and export FIFO
  • automatically alert inventory
  • track through the flow of a shipment from input to output
  • update inventory information immediately and trust.

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