Kick-off of project Smartlog Transportation Management System – Golden Panda

Kick-off of project Smartlog Transportation Management System – Golden Panda

We would like to thank our customers who always trust and give us the opportunities to solve problems in the Logistics operation of their businesses. More and more cherishingly, when the year-end period comes, most enterprises are sprinting with the revenue, KPIs,…not to mention the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, Golden Panda Company has grasped the trend and invested in the application of Smartlog Transport Management system to technologize the company’s governance.

Golden Panda is known as one of the large-scale companies in the logistics sector with more than 40 tractors and 100 trailers, providing the following services:

– Import and export freight forwarding.
– Tax and customs procedures.
– Multimodal domestics transport.
– Warehouse and storage supply.
– Transport service consulting and supply

During this time, most businesses in general and companies in the logistics sector in particular are facing many difficulties. However, for Golden Panda with the motto “the customer is above all else”, they still have good preparation to be able to create a solid foundation for their customers. Smartlog believes that Golden Panda’s customers will have a great service and superior to before.

That is reflected in:

1 / Mobile app will be applied to drivers and management levels as well as customers.

2 / The delivery route optimization will be performed.

3 / Above all, the integration with the corporate management systems that have been deployed before will be done, the integration with customer management systems such as ERP, DMS, or Accounting will be synchronized in real-time.

4 / Certainly all shipping statuses will be real-time tracking and arising incidents will be resolved as fast as possible.

5 / The management of the home fleet and even the contractor fleet will also be improved.

6 / All dashboards and reports will be synchronized and quickly retrieved.

7 / The reconciliation of documents, statements, monthly payments will no longer be a problem.

Thereby improving the service quality of the business and saving time as well as operation costs significantly. Wishing Smartlog’s customers in general and Golden Panda in particular all success. Especially after applying Smartlog’s new transport management system, there will be more and more customers, contributing to improving the nation’s logistics costs cutting-down.

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