Inventory Activity Profiling

Inventory activity profiling (and data mining) is the process of collecting, presenting, and interpreting information pertaining to on-hand inventory. The goal of inventory activity profiling is to identify opportunities to reduce inventory and increase service at the same time. Inventory activity profiles include:

  • SKUOn-Hand Inventory Profiling
  • SKUPopularity Class On-Hand Inventory Profiling
  • SKUAge On-Hand Inventory Profiling
  • SKUStatus On-Hand Inventory Profiling
  • Warehouse Location Inventory Profiling
  • Customer Location Inventory Profiling
  • Supplier Inventory Profiling
  • In-Transit Inventory Profiling
  • Troubled SKUs Reporting
  • Demand Variability Profiling
  • Forecast Bias Profiling
  • Run and Purchase Quantity Profiling
  • Leadtime Variability
  • Leadtime


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