SWM (Warehouse Management System)

Smartlog Warehouse Management System (SWM) is developed to meet the needs of enterprises who want to improve logistics services by optimizing the process of supplying goods from receipt to delivery. SWM is an ideal choice for logistics management businesses for goods such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, consumer goods, electronics, textiles etc. With a team of specialists with extensive work experience in large companies, SWM will provide you with a business intelligence solution based on the application of world leading technology to simplify and optimize your work. From there, you can improve service delivery, enhance competitive advantage at reasonable cost with Vietnamese enterprises.


SWM (Smartlog Warehouse Management System) uses smart algorithms to optimize the warehouse’s operational processes, thereby improving the quality of service delivery and improving productivity. In addition, you can interact with customers and partners on the same system through electronic data interchange (EDI) between systems or integrate from the Website services to reduce the time spent, increase the accuracy of data transmission and ensure visibility in the whole chain. A special feature of the SWM system is the ability to connect to peripherals (RF / Handheld) and Internet applications (IoT) in warehouse operations.

Putaway and Picking Strategy

  • Set up a strategy for sorting goods by region, commodity characteristics, size, speed of movement of goods.
  • Set outbound strategy by FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO, shelf-life, date of manufacture, expiration date, Batch, Lot, BOM, Kit …
  • Set up ordering, group, region, wave picking strategies.
  • Automatic determination and optimization of goods placement and compaction with the support of SWM, Handheld (Barcode) and instantaneous inventory level updates.

    Inventory Management

  • The SWM system stores complete warehouse management information based on commodity information, customer information, supplier and warehouse location, and is tailored to the needs of the business.
  • Allows management of frozen / unloading status by area code, LPN via RF or working directly on the system for cycle counting.
  • Mass Control features to track inventory by date of manufacture, and expiration date
  • SWM supports the return of goods, defective goods, damaged goods and etc.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with clear visibility of inventory & activity status via EDI, Web service or Portal.

    SWM supports cross-docking

    SWM supports cross-docking, inbound and outbound support, and all information is visualized via the EDI gateway to connect to the vendors, partners and customers.

    SWM supports the management of information, finance and human resources

  • Forms, and reports are designed according to management needs
  • Dashboard supports the display and valuation of KPIs related to warehouse operations
  • Easily filter and retrieve inventory data as desired
  • Manage the history of operations of personnel involved in warehouse operations through a handheld
  • Managing multiple branches and warehouses on the same system


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Smartlog Warehouse Management system (SWM) Presentation (English)

SWM (Smartlog Warehouse Management System) uses smart algorithms to optimize warehouse operations, thereby improving the quality of delivery service and improving productivity.


Smartlog Warehouse Management system (SWM) Brochure (English)

Smartlog Warehouse Management System (SWM) ứng dụng giải thuật thông minh nhằm tối ưu hoá quy trình vận hành của kho hàng từ đó nâng...