STM (Transport Management System)

Demand for transportation in Vietnam is growing rapidly and customers are demanding high quality services such as accuracy, delivery time, and flexibility in value added services. Facing this situation, in order to improve the competitive position, enterprises need to change their organizational structure, operation process as well as application of information technology in order to maximize the business efficiency as well as link information flow with partners and customers.

Understanding these difficulties, the Smartlog Transport Management System (STM) is developed with the mission of meeting the needs of using information technology appropriate to the characteristics of Vietnamese enterprises. STM helps to monitor the transportation activities, assist the operator to achieve efficiency through superior features. In addition, STM helps business leaders manage financial flows, forecasts and overall business performance of the company to provide strategies for the development of business. With the experienced team working in large companies, STM will bring to the enterprise intelligent solutions and application of the latest technology with the investment cost suitable for Vietnamese enterprises.


Highlight features of the Smartlog Transport Management System (STM)

STM is based on cloud computing, intelligent memory and processing, instantaneous updates, and user responsiveness through stateful updates to the public transport business process. With the ability to integrate multiple features, users can manage and monitor each activity in the chain of operations and risk management during operation.

User Delegation

There are many departments involved in the system, but each of them has different roles and requirements for information security in the enterprise. STM is designed with a user-centric mechanism, each user depending on the role, will focus on their operations, making the use of the system simple, easy and highly confidential.

Optimal Coordination

Coordination activities are often complex and cause the most waste in transportation activities of the company. The traditional way of working takes a lot of time to locate the driver, determine the plan of the order and if any problems occur takes time to solve.

STM uses intelligent algorithms to assist the coordinator in scheduling vehicle orders according to orders, vehicle characteristics, routes to improve work efficiency, optimize operation and reduce costs and workload.

Monitor Orders

In addition, the team is always concerned about order status at all times on each road to ensure that the transportation process is smooth and to solve the problems that drivers may encounter on the road. The STM system provides customers with real-time monitoring of the risks and status of fleet and drivers using GPS and Mobile App.

Monitor the driver using the mobile app

Simplified workloads and state of the art transport monitoring, STM provides Mobile App software with a simple interface designed to get drivers up and running fast and always on time.

Document Management

Instead of risky documents such as lost, difficult to reconcile information and audits, STM will help to control, enter information from documents into the system quickly and conveniently which makes information analysis become easy.

KPI evaluation

Automatically updates and evaluates KPIs based on real-world business practices. Smartlog also supports enterprises to build KPI analysis system according to the needs of enterprises.

Payment and collation of customers and contractors

Upon completion of the operation, the system will update all costs and revenues to provide immediate and complete business results or customer and contractor reports. Internal collation time greatly improves the efficiency of employee.

Vehicle fleet management, depreciation, fleet and driver activity assessment

In addition to monitoring operations, the system also helps the fleet management

  • Recognition of depreciation
  • Maintenance warning
  • Record detailed repair history
  • Manage replacement equipment
  • Report on the use and supply of fuelFor driver-related expenses, the STM plays the role of supporting the accounting system in managing salaries, bonuses, and emergencies.STM is a system that is constantly upgraded and does not cost any upgrade costs, meets the business model from small to medium size. Experience the smart features of the STM system!



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Smartlog Transport Management system (STM) Presentation (English)

Smartlog Transport Management System. Comprehensive transportation management solution with ultra-low cost cloud computing.


Smartlog Transport Management system (STM) Brochure (English)

Smartlog Transport Management System. Comprehensive transportation management solution with ultra-low cost cloud computing.