STM supports Profit and Loss analysis



STM supports Profit and Loss analysis

STM supports Profit and Loss analysis

Companies often analyze business performance, including:

  • Visualize all information, from which to find solutions to improve performance
  • Compliance with internal and external reporting requirements
  • Evaluate and thereby motivate people to improve work efficiency
  • Management makes strategic decisions
  • Create trust for the stakeholders
  • The Smartlog Transport Management system (STM) is developed to support the collection of information and cost-benefit analysis methods that help businesses control the company’s financial flows and thereby make appropriate decisions.

In addition to the superior features supporting financial information monitoring, STM also supports:

+ Record all transportation costs such as driver’s salary, fuel costs, asset costs, and recognition of customized revenues for different customers.

+ Automatically generate analysis reports in a short time

+ Supports indicators for assessing profits, revenue and expenses

+ Make reports on the effectiveness of asset turnover

+ Shows increase, decrease profit

+ Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in business activities

+ Demonstrate pivot-based analysis or other tools according to business needs

In addition, the preferred method of freight audit is to use the STM system instead of being outdated, ineffective: STM will support instant and accurate collation and parties can connect through integrated technology, thereby improving business efficiency.