SWM Integrated with RF Handheld



SWM Integrated with RF Handheld

SmartLog Warehouse Management System (SWM) is integrated with many mobile devices, including RF Handheld.

Importance of RF handheld in warehouse management

The use of bar codes and integrated handheld RF devices into warehouse management system (SWM) brings many benefits including improved warehouse efficiency, reduced input errors and data processing, and improve operational accuracy, especially in complex operation models (3PLs). In addition, the RF handheld device can integrate the necessary information and operations from the SWM system to the operator directly, so that the operator can quickly and easily handle and update the status of goods immediately.

RF handhelds in the warehouse providing goods distribution services

RF handhelds will efficiently handle large volumes of transactional data in the distribution of goods, including many types of goods such as retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, components, equipment and etc.

Warehouse operation procedures can use RF handheld devices:

– Process of receiving orders and checking information

– Order process in place and update information

– Process of preparing, packing and delivery

– Procedures for internal inventory (cycle count)

– Warehouse transfer procedures in the distribution network

Warehouse procedures are supported by RF handheld

1. The process of inbound by RF handheld device

RF handheld supports the inbound process, including order entry, putaway and information updates. Putaway can be made and selected based on many established strategies. Operators can access cargo information, scan locations and order confirmation right on the mobile device.

2. Process of outbound by RF handheld

The process of allocating goods, composing and packaging is based on predefined preparation strategies and methods of compiling goods (by order, by region, by subsets, and etc). Use of RF equipment, warehouse staff can carry out activities related to the shipment of goods such as viewing and changing information related to the shipment, location, shipping unit, packaging, and item assigned.

3. RF handheld inventory control procedure

Mobile handheld RF handhelds support warehouse operators to check inventory, product, quantity, location. Inventory plan can be implemented according to the automated plan or designation of the operator. Warehouse inspection methods such as blind check, full inspection are supported by the equipment. In addition, the work history and productivity of the employees are recorded, in order to manage the work of everyone.

4. Management of human resource using RF handheld devices

All staff activities using the WMS and Handheld system will be recorded and will be analyzed to evaluate the performance of the staff.