In the customer activity profile (CAP) we are trying to rank and categorize customers, SKUs, and orders in preparation for creating a customer service policy; and to profile order sizes in anticipation of developing a supply chain strategy.  The three main customer activity profiles are the (1) Customer Sales Activity Profile (CSAP), (2) Item Sales Activity Profile (ISAP), and (3) Customer-Item Sales Activity Profile (CISAP).

The customer activity profile should include sales in $s, orders, lines, units, cases, pallets, loads, weight, and cube for each customer bill-to, customer ship to, order, SKU, and customer-SKU combination.

Customer activity profiles are maintained and changes to customer activity and sales order profiles are monitored on a regular basis and reflected in updates to customer service policy. The customer activity profile is reviewed as a part of an S&OP or integrated business planning process.